About Us

Be creative, be daring and we promise to be timely and professional. 


International Bullies AS started as the dream of young and ambitious people. The idea came about in the United States and became finalized here in Norway. International symbolizes who we are and Bullies stand for the seven values we represent (brothers, united, love, loyalty, integrity, equality, success). In March 2015 we opened our first shop at Tollbugata 7. 0154 Oslo. 

Our aim is to represent individuals with their unique ideas regardless of differences, gender, faith or colour. We are all the same: International Bullies.

Frequently asked.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in email marketing, web design & development and hosting services. We provide these services individually, as well as a complete package to launch your next project on.

What kind of turn around do you offer?

A standard size project typically takes about a month to complete. We handle all of the work for you, and communicate everything along the way to ensure you’re happy with your outcome!

How much does a typical project cost?

Prices can vary significantly depending on the size of your project. We handle projects for small agencies, and also large projects that can run upwards of $200k. Our minimum project cost is $5,000.

Terms and conditions.

Pixel Perfectionist

I have an uncanny attention to detail. You’ll find it all throughout my work! I use the Atomic Blocks plugin because it’s also crafted with attention to detail.

Expertly Trained

I studied graphic design for four years under the great designer, painter and art educator, Paula Scher. Everything I learned goes into every project I start.

Expert Communicator

Communication is key, as they say! We’ll keep in regular contact about any projects we start to ensure you get the end result you’re looking for.

Friendly Pricing

I like to work with each client directly to ensure their project is scoped and priced according to the specs. We’ll work through the costs before we start.